Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc

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610 Frederick St. Santa Cruz, 95062

(Dominican Rehab Solarium)

In this class, you will learn:

* The underlying cause of most autoimmune disorders and how to manage it
* The 5 most common foods that trigger autoimmunity and inflammation
* Herbal remedies for safely reducing autoantibodies
* The most useful autoimmune tests (that your doctor has never ordered)

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s (hypothyroid), multiple sclerosis, or celiac disease?  Have you wondered if your chronic pain or fatigue may have an underlying autoimmune cause? 

Whether you are on prescription medication currently or seeking to avoid pharmaceuticals, in this class you will learn the basic steps for reversing your symptoms, healing your immune system, and preventing future illness.

Holistic Approach to Autoimmune Disorders

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